All Is One

Twenty-Five Steps Toward Unity

by GurujiMa
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Bow, bow, before all that is holy. Bow before the life of the One that is manifesting in all its many forms. We need not condone wrong action in order to do this, for we bow not to the outer action of a person but to the inner Divine center that remains within all.

This small book contains a pathway for humanity to walk upon toward a more loving and unified world. Its twenty-five steps are templates for a new consciousness that can be offered as the moral foundation for such a world, a foundation that is built upon the recognition of the divine Essence of every human being. This book is both an instructive manual for personal change and transformation, as well as a blueprint for the way in which humanity’s consciousness needs to grow so that the world we live in can become the world that we wish to live in. “All is One: Twenty-Five Steps Toward Unity” is a pathway to the future.


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