There is Another Way

Unity in a Time of Dissension

by GurujiMa
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A selection of talks by GurujiMa on the subject of love and unity and its means of realization on the Earth today. Part One presents an overview of concepts related to the longing for peace, harmony, and connection that is natural to each human being, and to the obstacles that prevent these from being realized. Part Two is based on a series of talks offered during the spring of 2020 that came into being as a response to the dual events of the coronavirus pandemic and the national movement of protest in support of Black Lives Matter. Both events are viewed as catalysts for change, moving human consciousness toward a deeper experience of unity and away from past paradigms of separation.

“There is Another Way” was written to cast a ray of hope during a time of great difficulty for the United States of America, a hope that is based on the expansion of spiritual light on the Earth, making possible that which had not been possible before. It describes the path of emergence of love and unity from the human to the Divine, and from the ego to the soul, pointing out the way forward that each one present on the Earth today can follow and contribute to.


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