Glossary of Terms for a New Earth

by GurujiMa
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In any transition from the old to the new, a new language with new concepts needs to come into being. This language absorbs certain elements from the old phrasing and way of thinking and adds to it ideas and thoughts which have never been put together in just this way. In order to move forward in conjunction with the new current, one must hold an open mind and a willingness to learn, for the new, by definition, must establish itself for the first time, and can only do so if the mind and heart are open.

A collection of central ideas and terms found in Guruji Ma’s writings related to the transformation of the Earth and of her inhabitants into a higher dimension of light. New definitions of spiritual energy, light, darkness, the energy body, and the path of purification are included. This path does not belong to one religion or spiritual orientation, but to all religions at their heart and core.


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