How We May Help Each Other

Conversations with Guruji-Ma

by GurujiMa with Diana Catherine Bella
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The past is being healed so that a truer way of human beings living together can take place. It is a time of the revelation of the areas of darkness that have been hidden from human consciousness, so that they can be seen, recognized, and let go of. And it is a time of people coming into balance within.

“How We May Help Each Other” is a testament to the future, a future in which human beings will find within themselves the resources emanating from the soul to practice loving kindness, generosity, brother-sisterhood, and compassion, in ways that have been lilmited historically. Such a testament believes in the possibility of humanity becoming more than it is now in its emotional, mental, and spiritual capacity. This takes place more fully as the soul gains in prominence within the personality, and as the ego, with all of its defenses, becomes subservient to the purposes of the soul.

“How We May Help Each Other” places great responsibility on human free-will to choose the kind of life that each one wants to live, whether a life of purpose, meaning, and the manifestation of a higher standard of relationship, or a life that resembles the past and that, out of fear, maintains a state of separation of each to the other. This choice is one that exists within every interaction and every conversation with another. It is the choice for love.


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