A Spiritual View of Depression

Conversations with Guruji-Ma

by GurujiMa with Diana Catherine Bella
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If a person had a sense of connection with their deeper self, they would feel hope. They would feel meaning, because it is built in to the level of consciousness that we call the ‘soul.’ The absence of that connection is experienced as an absence of spiritual light.

It would be well to look at all forms of depression as a spiritual crisis in their underpinnings, for though they may show no positive movement or direction on the mental or emotional levels, on the level of spirit a question is being asked and a question is being answered, namely, “What is this life about and what am I doing in it?” Whether flooded with feelings or numb and experiencing merely a sense of deadness, on the level of the soul a groping movement is taking place during this dark and painful night. A search for a way toward the light is taking place, a way that is, for the moment, invisible.


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