Teaching the Heart to Sing

A Guide to Shifting Consciousness at the Dawn of a New Age

by GurujiMa
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In the times ahead, this above all will be asked of us — willing surrender to the experience of the moment. A willingness to allow what is within ourselves and outside of ourselves to be.

These timeless teachings from the Realms of Light, co-created with Guruji-Ma, were first offered to humanity in 1989 and continue in importance today as light intensifies on the Earth and purification reveals its multi-level effects both within the individual and on the world stage. The internal changes that accompany spiritual awakening are many and vary from person to person, but what joins them all at the center is the growing experience of the larger reality to which each of us belongs, and the more intimate experience of the soul level of our being. The changes that are part of this awakening bring with them greater trust in the immediate presence of God within the plane of time and space, as well as a deepened experience of love that knows itself to be one with all. Such are the changes that “Teaching the Heart to Sing” both describes and invites through the energy of Divine love that it conveys. This is a book of awakening, and a song of love from the Heart of the Divine.


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