Morning Meditations

Watch Live: Morning Meditations with GurujiMa

Your wake-up call to the Divine within you.

Morning Meditations: Broadcast live each weekday at 8am ET. (Please note that on Tuesdays and Thursday, an archival meditation is broadcast.)

How to join the live webcasts: Click the link below to view the Light Omega calendar, look for today’s date, and click on the blue “Morning Meditation” box. A new page will open with instructions on how to join via Zoom. Please note: All times are shown relative to the local time zone set on your computer.

Where to find recorded meditations: Over 400 video recordings of past mediations are also available to view on-demand within the Meditations & Prayers section.

About the Morning Meditations

Morning Meditations with GurujiMa are a wake-up call to the Divine within you. Offered at the Village of Light Ashram, they transmit a vibration of spiritual light and love that connects with your own soul energy, creating a spiritual anchorpoint for the day. This anchorpoint is not just of the mind but of the body as well.

Morning Meditations began in the Spring of 2020 in order to create a stabilizing force in the presence of the coronavirus pandemic. As they have evolved, their capacity to transmit a higher vibration of light has increased, allowing participants to more easily attune to a deeper truth. The sound of GurujiMa’s voice has a great deal to do with this. Its resonance is attuned to divine Love and Light, making both easier to absorb through the heart and through the cells of the body. Affirmations regarding one’s Divine identity also play a central part, with the truths that they carry more easily taken in because they are entering the body as waves of light.

Morning Meditations are offered as nourishment for all, no matter what one’s spiritual background. We hope you will come and partake of this Divine sustenance.

With deepest blessings,

Village of Light Ashram
Leverett, Massachusetts


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