About Sunday Satsang

Dear Beloved Ones,

We welcome you to these sacred gatherings and hope that you will find nourishment and upliftment here. GurujiMa’s teachings form the basis for the gatherings, and these take place both as a light-energy that one can absorb and benefit from, and as concepts that are offered as teachings.

You may not know what precisely is drawing you to Light Omega, and this is to be expected. For the soul sends its messages of resonance and guidance, often without words, and if you wish to be here to experience the gathering, you are most welcome to come.

Sunday Satsangs are held at the Village of Light Ashram in Leverett, MA. When you come, there will be chairs available for those in need of some physical support, and cushions for floor seating. The time together is intimate and sacred, and so it is important that it be honored by your arriving early so that you can be seated by 10:25 am. We also strive to maintain a fragrance-free environment, and thank you for refraining from wearing any fragrances (shampoo, hand lotion, etc.) that might affect those who are sensitive. The vibration of light which is bountiful at Light Omega often expands not only one’s consciousness, but also the energies that are in need of releasing from one’s psyche and physical body, and so we ask those who come to be aware of this fact, even if they do not know precisely what it means.

You do not have to have any particular spiritual orientation to be here. The universality of Divine love welcomes any and all to the table at which Divine spiritual food is served. May your visit here be blessed.

If you have questions:

  • Contact Robert McIlwain or Diana Catherine Bella and they will be happy to help.
  • To attend the gathering online, contact our online coordinator.
  • If you wish to pay a visit at other times or for other purposes, you may also contact GurujiMa directly through the comments form.
  • All Light Omega events are offered freely, yet we ask for a free-will donation for each event that you attend in order to support our work. For those who come regularly, a monthly donation may be offered through the donations form.

Blessings and love,

GurujiMa and Those Who Serve the Light


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