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Donations represent an awareness of the relationship between giving and receiving as it applies to every aspect of life.

In all areas of life, as one grows spiritually, the heart and soul begin to develop a keener sense of what it means to be in right relationship to each situation one finds oneself in. Such a relationship cannot be determined with the mind, for the mind lives in the domain of reason and logic and may dictate from both a practical and an emotional standpoint why there is not enough of oneself or of one’s resources to give to a situation.

The deeper layers of the heart and the soul, however, know that the universe is composed of a flow of energy, and that one participates in this flow most effectively when one is in right relationship to the balance of giving and receiving. This balance is maintained by a steady orientation to the sacredness of life in all its many aspects, and out of this orientation, by a sense of gratitude for what is and what is given.

It is in this sense that donations as a spiritual gesture and as a sacred gesture of heart and soul may be offered, overriding, at times, what the fearful concerns of the mind may be.

We ask for your help in sustaining the work of Light Omega in its efforts to offer its resources freely to all. Your donation in the amount you are guided to will be gratefully accepted. Recurrent monthly donations are especially requested. For single or monthly donations, we thank you.

Light Omega is a 501(c) tax exempt organization. All donations in support of our work are therefore tax deductible.

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