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Garden of the Divine Mother and In-Na Grove Open Hours

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Friday, February 26, 2021
12:30 - 4:30pm
Village of Light Ashram
83 Shutesbury Road
Leverett, MA

Please note: For all activities at the ashram, we will be following the regulations set forth by Massachusetts Governor Baker for this time. Please wear a mask to outdoor events and bring hand sanitizer if you need to go indoors for any reason. If you do not have hand sanitizer, the ashram has enough for you to use. It is kept in the entryway. When entering or leaving the ashram, please observe a respectful distance from others.

Two sacred spaces have been created at the ashram for quiet reflection or meditation in the beauty of nature. In both, the higher energies of spiritual light can be felt by individuals in different ways.

Garden of the Divine Mother

The Earth’s light rises here with a new strength, bringing energies of peace, light, and nurturance to all souls. The sun plays a significant part, radiating cosmic energies of love and blessing.  The spiritual signature of this Garden is peace.

In-Na Grove

Energies of love coming from the ground and trees surround an open area. The Grove, whose name is taken from the planets of the star, Sirius, is a portal dedicated to the purposes of the Galactic Federation of Light. It is meant to help the Earth’s transition into light taking place now through its melding of higher dimensional energies with those of the Earth.

Other times may be made by arrangement.

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