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“What is Democracy?”

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Event Series Event Series: “What is Democracy?”
Tuesday, September 19, 2023
7:15 – 8:15pm EDT
Online & Village of Light Ashram
83 Shutesbury Road
Leverett, MA

“What is Democracy?”
~ The Spiritual Ideals That Lay at Its Foundation ~

A four-part study group: September 19 & 26, October 3 & 10

Message from Those Who Serve the Light

This study group/seminar is created for those who have dreamed of a society in which democracy as they understand it could flourish, but who have been, at times, bitterly disappointed by the capacity of present-day society to put the ideals of democracy into practice. Such a society would elevate and be capable of manifesting the highest nature and capacity of human beings, and would, at the same time, provide a home in which a way of life that nurtured all people could be fully developed.

In today’s society, such ideals have often become tarnished, and it is for this reason that we need to take them out again, to ensure their preservation within our hearts, and to disavow the widespread disillusionment that prevails about whether a true democracy is even possible.

We, of the Realms of Light, wish to state that it is not only possible, but achievable in this time as light becomes more fully embodied upon the Earth, and as the hearts of mankind and womankind turn toward the ideals that are part of their basic nature. Such a society is the expression of the fulfillment of humanity’s greatest potential, and its incipient stages are happening now.

We present this offering of “What is Democracy?” as the opening of a door to the consciousness of what can and will be.


The study group will involve some reading of the founding documents of this country, and will also ask of its participants that they think deeply and write a short essay, if possible, about what they feel about democracy as they know it today and as it will be in the future. Such an essay can be written more than once, at the beginning and end of the series.

This essay is not for the purpose of external evaluation or grading, but only for the purpose of clarifying the relationship between the individual and the democratic process. For many, today, this relationship is murky or even hidden, and it behooves those for whom the welfare of this country and its people is an important goal, to remove the barriers that have kept them feeling separate from the common life of a nation. Such barriers have not been self-imposed, for the most part, but rather are part of the cultural milieu that exists today, in which individual responsibility to a greater whole has been displaced by a preoccupation with personal freedom and the rights of the individual. It is time, today, for these two to come into balance, and it is for this purpose that some additional thought and writing (if one chooses) is invited so the relationship of the individual to the greater Whole can be clarified.

We thank those who are willing to open the door of their consciousness to the new relationship that is coming into being between the individual and the greater society in which they live, and bless all efforts that are being made in this direction.

Those Who Serve the Light

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