How to Get Involved

Deeper immersion in the life of Light Omega and the teachings of GurujiMa can happen in a variety of ways: through receiving the monthly Light Omega Newsletter or the daily emailed messages of inspiration; through contributing to Earth Projects that Light Omega is actively supporting to help the Earth and those in need; through attending Morning Meditations and Sunday Satsang; through participating one of the many committees that form the infrastructure of the Village of Light Ashram; and through learning about the community via an ‘Introduction to Light Omega’ offered periodically by GurujiMa. For more information write to

Community Newsletter

A monthly publication containing writings, talks and mediations by GurujiMa, as well as upcoming events. Available by subscription.
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Atma Bhavan Email List

This is more than a mailing list. Take part in the sacred life of the community, send and respond to prayer requests, and receive important updates from GurujiMa.
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Earth Projects

We are being called, today, to recognize our oneness with the Earth and with all other beings. This sense of oneness, based on our origin from a common divine Source, has to move beyond the level of concept into a way of life that cares for the Earth and for others on a daily basis.
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Daily Messages & Inspiration

Wisdom teachings by GurujiMa in bite-size pieces that are emailed each day to your inbox for 100 to 118 days depending on the calendar chosen. There are ten emailed ‘calendars’ to choose from.
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