Village of Light Ashram Committees

These Committees form the infrastructure of the Village of Light Ashram, and many are open to those who wish to hold the vision with others of what the ashram can become. Those who take part are asked to consult with their inner guidance before making a choice about what to take part in. Within a living organism that is the Village of Light Ashram, the heart of each one knows, based on its feeling, what will make the greatest contribution to the whole.


Ashram Cleaning Committee

Provides loving care for the physical premises of the ashram, enabling it to hold the greatest amount of light. Maintains cleaning schedule for interior of ashram. Purchases cleaning supplies as needed. Communicates to community about special cleaning needs or oversights that may arise or be present.


Ashram Coordinating Committee

Maintains and publishes a ‘map’ of all group and committee activities at the ashram. Receives updates from these groups about any changes that take place or special events that are planned. Prepares and distributes information for newcomers to the ashram and for those who desire to stay in the Studio. Oversees care of physical premises of the ashram.


Ashram Gardening Committee

Maintains the physical and spiritual wellbeing of the garden through active attention to both the needs of the soil and plants, and the needs of the spiritual beings who are part of the soil and plants and are co-partners in the garden’s growth. This relationship which includes the small creatures of the earth is the foundation of a sacred garden.

Establishes a community sharing focus through inviting those desiring to visit the garden to do so at pre-arranged times, and through distributing produce that has come into season for the community as a whole to share in and enjoy.


Ashram Nourishment Committee

Along with the Ashram Garden Committee and the Feed the Hungry Committee, the purpose of the Nourishment Committee is to experience the offering of food to others as an act of human and Divine love, and to help others feel this as well.

The Nourishment Committee organizes food for ashram events. It creates a rotation schedule for people to contribute food to these events so that all can be included in this ‘food seva.’  It develops an ‘Ashram Favorites Recipe Book’ using vegan and vegetarian recipes that people submit, and publishes one recipe per month of a ‘favorite’ item. The committee holds ‘food seva’ to be one of the highest expressions of love on the physical plane.


Driving Cars, Planting Trees

A project whose goal is the balancing of carbon emissions due to automobile usage with carbon-sequestering achieved by planting trees. Its additional purpose has to do with increasing food resources in famine-prone or drought-stricken areas through the planting of trees. Both goals are held within the primary objective of planetary awakening to humanity’s oneness with the Earth and with each other.

Accepts donations to achieve these goals and passes them on to distributing organizations that it supports. Calls people to a higher level of responsibility for upholding and enhancing life, rather than diminishing it.


Feed the Hungry Committee

Love and the power of love are reflected in the desire to relieve the suffering of the poor and deprived of the world so that all may be fed, upheld, and thrive.

Receives and distributes donations to feed the hungry of the world through various distributing organizations that the committee supports. Works toward manifesting a way of relating to each other so that the soul energy of the group can express most fully through Divine attunement and guidance.  Publishes a quarterly newsletter with updates concerning the goals and activities of Feed the Hungry.


Friends Seva Committee

Offers unconditional love in service to the community as a whole and emotional and spiritual support to those in need. Acts as a binding agent of love and unity for the community.

Offers contact and support for those new to Light Omega or those with particular questions or needs. Rotates monthly pairs of ’seva friends’ to respond to emerging requests or needs.

Develops ’Seva groups’ of three or four persons for those wishing to meet regularly to learn about and practice unconditional love.


Magazine Committee

Editorial staff develops content for each issue of “One Body, One Life” – a grassroots magazine that is a visual and verbal representation of both the desire for Unity, the struggles to realize it, and the recognition that it already exists as the power of Love. Through original writings, poems, stories, drawings, and occasional quotes from others, it is a collective effort at the grassroots level to give voice and color to the expression of Unity.


Publishing Committee

Addresses the publishing of GurujiMa’s writings and videos in digital and print, for the website and books. A subset of this committee is the Newsletter Committee which publishes a monthly selection of GurujiMa’s teachings on different topics and helps to create a unity of vibration between those who live at a distance and those who are part of the local community. Newsletters containing GurujiMa’s teachings focus on a particular theme expressed in the following categories: guided meditations, written articles, satsang talks, and other sources.

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