Daily Messages & Inspiration

Dear Beloved Ones,

The voice of love for the Divine speaks through these Calendars, inviting a deeper immersion into one’s own relationship with the Divine. Messages are like little bits of poetry or like the biblical Book of Proverbs, employing a few words to point at a larger truth. The daily messages are read both for their content and for the energy of light that they carry. The Calendar of Daily Illuminations is a series of 100 days. Reflections of Light: The Journey Home is a 118-day series. Messages within each Calendar can form the basis for meditation following your reading.

Each day’s message is sent to you by email using the signup form provided. A donation in the amount you are guided to is requested in exchange for what you are receiving.

There are many kinds of spiritual practices, but all endeavor to anchor awareness in the perception of what is most real, and to remove the blinders that many carry about the nature of self and of God. I offer these Calendars to you in this hope and with great love.

All blessings — GurujiMa


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