Calendar of Daily Illuminations

The voice of love for the Divine speaks through this Calendar, inviting a deeper immersion into one’s own relationship with the Divine. Messages are like those of the biblical Book of Proverbs, employing a few words to point to a larger truth. They are designed to bring one’s everyday consciousness into alignment with the soul, both through their content and through the light that they carry.

Each day’s message is sent to you by email for 100 days using the signup form provided. A donation in the amount of your choosing is requested in exchange for what you are receiving but is not required.

Sample messages from Calendar of Daily Illuminations:

Day 1

Love is presentness to all that is.

Be present to all of life. Listen, receive, respond.
Learn about God from everyone.

Day 4

The light of your being is the deepest truth,
eternally present, perpetual and unchanging.

When you feel only darkness or pain
or see it in another,
look beneath this.
The light of the soul is always there.

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