Earth Projects

We are being called, today, to recognize our oneness with the Earth and with all other beings. This sense of oneness, however, based on our origin from a common divine Source, has to move beyond the level of concept into a way of life that cares for the Earth and for others on a daily basis. The action of caring can be outer in the sense of ‘doing’ something, or it can be inner in the sense of taking responsibility for our thoughts, emotions, and intentions. Ultimately, it must be both. By raising our own awareness of unity, we raise the awareness of all.

Light Omega’s Earth Projects focus attention on both the needs of the Earth for healing, and the needs of many people for loving care and the removal of the profound social and economic inequalities that continue to exist. There are four Earth Projects at present: Sacred Earth Collective (and its Driving Cars Planting Trees Project), Feed the Hungry, Reparations to Indigenous Peoples and Light Omega and India.

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Sacred Earth Collective

The Sacred Earth Collective has as its goal the purpose of caring for the Beloved Earth in both tangible and spiritual ways, both needed in the pursuit of awakening human consciousness to its true relationship with the Earth.
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Feed the Hungry

Feed the Hungry is an effort to leave no one left on the planet without adequate food or safe drinking water. Feed the Hungry supports eight organizations, worldwide, that are devoted to this task.
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Reparations to Indigenous Peoples

Light Omega has aligned itself spiritually, financially, and at the level of the heart with many of the tribes that are housed within this land, offering clothing and financial support.
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Light Omega and India

Light Omega and India supports economic, social, and cultural equality in the villages of Tamil Nadu, India, through association with Mohanam, a unit of Auroville, the ‘City of Dawn’ that represents the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Mohanam’s work aims to create a bridge of unity between the nearby villages and Auroville.
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