Reparations to Indigenous Peoples

For centuries, America has had an ambiguous and often conflicted relationship with the indigenous peoples of this country, their rights, their cultures, and their sacred responsibilities for acting as sovereign nations within the nation of the United States. From the earliest days of colonization, tribal lands that have a sacred history have been taken, tribes have been treated with practices that by any standard would be called inhumane, sacred sites have been absorbed for government or commercial use, and treaties have been broken. The history of oppression of indigenous peoples within this country is a long and painful one.

In this context, Light Omega has aligned itself spiritually, financially, and at the level of the heart with many of the tribes that are housed within this land, offering clothing and financial support to feed the hungry on reservations. We have endeavored to embody the sacred relationship with the Earth and with the land that all indigenous peoples have held for thousands of years. Light Omega also holds as one of its central purposes the creation of unity that honors and respects all of life, and that is beautifully and emblematically expressed in the Lakota Sioux blessing and prayer ‘mitakuye oyasin,’ all my relations. This articulation of truth of the relationship of all to all has been held in the hearts of indigenous peoples everywhere, held on behalf of non-native populations until such time as we could hold it for ourselves.

For those who wish to join us in our sacred purpose of supporting reparations of land and sacred sites to the tribes of this country, we welcome all outer activity that one is divinely guided to, and also welcome inner activity that helps to strengthen consciousness of the need for the return of dignity, equality, and basic human rights to all peoples of this land.

To offer your support, please contact GurujiMa directly.

Click here to read more about how ‘reparations’ applies to the indigenous peoples of the United States.


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