Sacred Earth Collective

The Sacred Earth Collective has as its goal the purpose of caring for the Beloved Earth in both tangible and spiritual ways, both needed in the pursuit of awakening human consciousness to its true relationship with the Earth. There are several projects that the Sacred Earth Collective sponsors:

  • The Driving Cars Planting Trees Project involves the funding of organizations that seek to plant trees for the purpose of removing carbon from the atmosphere, while endeavoring to enhance responsibility for the use of fossil fuels while driving. This project is undertaken not only to create carbon balancing, but to awaken consciousness on a daily basis to the needs of the Earth. The project is donation-based.
  • The ‘Sacred Earth Education Project’ has, as its purpose, the educating of human beings to a new relationship with the soil, with agriculture and the way of growing things, and with the physical body to the body of the Earth. The Sacred Earth Education Project supports programs throughout the year that are meant to awaken consciousness to a new perspective of human unity and Earth consciousness. Its goal is to create a ‘bio-centric’ Earth in which human needs are balanced with the needs of all other forms of life, as opposed to an ‘anthropocentric’ Earth in which human beings and human needs dominate.

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