Introductory Guides

These guides were prepared for those who wish to go step-by-step from basic concepts or foundational principles regarding a particular subject, to more detailed and complex explorations. For those new to a particular subject as well as for those revisiting it, the Introductory Guides suggest a helpful sequence in which to experience deeper and deeper aspects of a reality that may be invisible to the conscious mind.

Planetary Transformation

Today, all of matter is becoming spiritualized through the power of light, and all of consciousness is being raised in its vibrational frequency as well so that it can hold more light.
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Living as a Soul

“Living as a Soul” refers both to an experiential awareness of oneself as a soul, and to a simultaneous awareness of all others as souls created by the one Creator of all, and existing as one body within the body of the Earth.
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Healing Body, Mind & Emotions

This section addresses the way of healing within a spiritual perspective of emotions such as anger, depression, fear, helplessness, and many other feeling states.
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The Purification Process

The purification process is initiated by spiritual light and works to eradicate all that blocks the embodied self from experiencing its own Divine being.
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Sacred Relationships

Such relationships, though differing in outer appearance, hold in common the aspiration to live as a soul upon the Earth, to express Divine identity, and to engage in love that seeks to help and bless all beings.
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Unity and the Divine Mother

The movement toward Unity is a movement in time and space of the energy of the Divine Mother — the Oneness that encompasses all of life and that lives within every living being.
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