Glossary of Terms for a New Earth

In any transition from the old to the new, a new language with new concepts needs to come into being. This language absorbs certain elements from the old phrasing and way of thinking and adds to it ideas and thoughts which have never been put together in just this way. In order to move forward in conjunction with the new current, one must hold an open mind and a willingness to learn, for the new, by definition, must establish itself for the first time, and can only do so if the mind and heart are open.

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addictive process

Cravings that are created for a false substitute for the wholeness, completion, love, and sense of belonging that each human being longs for. Addiction to a false path, substance, behavior, or way of life is a collective human dilemma arising out of finding access to one’s true spiritual home difficult, limited, or seemingly unavailable. It is a coping mechanism to deal with the pain of emptiness.


Literally, what you ‘line up’ with; what you identify with; where you place your attention.


An intention to remain conscious of a deeper portion of one’s being than the mind or emotions; a commitment to remain steady and firm within this layer of awareness.


The goal(s) one strives toward; generally, what one hopes to be or to become as part of spiritual maturation.


Bringing one’s thoughts, emotions, and energy into harmony with a desired aspect of one’s being or with another Being. Attunement can be toward an ideal, a person, or a situation that one wants to harmonize with through identification. Similar to ‘alignment,’ it is a way of uniting all aspects of the self within a common vibration. Attunement also has a relationship with ‘empathy,’ creating an intuitive understanding of the inner world of another so that one knows how they think or feel.


Divine life carried on the physical breath; a Divine current of energy creating a link with the Source of life. A current of light and life that nourishes the cells of the body, carried on the breath.


A tendency to separate life into portions that are ‘spiritual’ and portions that are ‘practical’ or non-spiritual. A way of dividing up the embodied self’s expression so that one plays different parts or roles in different situations or with different people. This is in contrast to ‘coherence’ through which one remains one’s essential self in all situations and with all people.


Love directed toward all who exist in a state of limitation or suffering, no matter what the cause. Love and forgiveness that sees the heart of pain which lies behind many actions that seem irredeemable.


The ability to hold impulses and emotions within the self that take one away from love without acting them out or expressing them verbally. This is in contrast to belief in the usefulness of ‘venting’ or ‘catharsis’ which have limited application. These may be of value in certain circumstances where a person has repressed or severely inhibited expression and permits a breakthrough into personal freedom. ‘Containment,’ as compared with ‘venting,’ prevents the recycling of emotional energy.


An energy of Creation that in the primal Unity does not create opposition or separation from the purposes of light, but exists in order to expand the possibility of consciousness to express freedom of choice. Within the state of duality that human beings live in, ‘darkness’ develops a ‘power’ of its own, separate from and opposite to the purposes of light, seeking to separate individuals from their own sacred alignment and deepest truth.

darkness masquerading as light

The capacity of ‘darkness’ to mimic the sensations, thoughts, and feelings produced by light so that one thinks one is following Divine intention and guidance when one is not.


Love that is dedicated to serving another being, goal, ideal, or aspect of the Divine. The devoted heart pours itself out in the desire to serve and bless the beloved.


An ability to distinguish truth from falsehood and darkness from light. The capacity to not align with falsehood presented as truth, even if it contains a small kernel of truth.

deeper self

The soul layer of one’s being existing beneath the layers of thought and emotion; the place within that holds the core values of the eternal soul. The ‘deeper self’ is one’s true spiritual home and the place where one joins with the rest of life.

divine oneness

Another name for the Divine Feminine or Divine Mother, the second half of Creator-Creatrix, the unmanifest One within Creation. ‘Divine Oneness’ can also refer to the Unity that precedes Creation, to Brahman or the All.


The physical body that one chooses for a lifetime as an expression of the purposes of the soul. This body is chosen to provide the greatest amount of learning for what the soul has chosen to experience during a given lifetime. ‘Embodying’ as a verb can also refer to the amount of groundedness and presentness one is capable of in relation to all aspects of physical reality.

energy body

The physical-spiritual body that exists within human beings in levels or layers of vibration that link the physical being with the higher dimensions of its own self. All levels or dimensions of energy interpenetrate each other and are not separate. The ‘higher’ self is not separate from the ‘lower.’

energy of negation

An aspect of ‘darkness’ that creates self-doubt and invalidates or dismisses the most important inner realities that the self holds. The opposite of self-love and self-affirmation. ‘Energies of negation’ can also create a filter over perception, turning whatever is positive into something perceived as negative or lacking. This can relate to the self or to how one perceives people, places, or situations.

energy of separation

The capacity of darkness to obscure the reality of the Divine and to influence perception so that only what is visible and tangible is perceived as real. A covering over the sense of the sacred including the truth of one’s own Divine origin.


The term, ‘entanglement,’ comes from the field of theoretical physics and describes the way in which two or more particles with a similar origin but in very different locations in space can influence each other. On the human level, ‘entanglement’ is an aspect of the ‘karmic drama’ through which repetitive emotional patterns in need of healing occur. These often take place within intimate relationships as a tendency to project blame, hurt, judgment, or a desire to control onto another. ‘Entanglement’ is a sign that one no longer sees the other clearly but may be awash in a sea of emotional reactivity.


A willingness to accept certain negative feelings toward others as entirely justified and to blame them for whatever difficulties occur. A willingness to excuse one’s own shortcomings and to self-righteously focus on those of others.


The capacity of an energy of darkness to create a sense of permanence and of power, resulting in the belief or feeling that one will never get free of it but will always be vulnerable to its influence and control.


The unfoldment in time of individuals, humanity as a whole, and of all living beings into greater fullness of expression of their true being. The universe as a Whole is evolving as an expression of the One. Within human consciousness, increasing degrees of self-awareness and increasing knowledge of the nature of reality. Growth over time into greater wholeness.

group alignment

The coming together of members of a group in common purpose on the level of the soul. ‘Group alignment’ is based on the premise that within any group there is a capacity for oneness and harmony when one moves to the soul level of one’s being. In order to do this, one shifts from the level of identification with diverse opinions and beliefs about something, to the level of unity in common purpose, arrived at through each member of the group attuning to their own soul energy.

higher dimensions

Vibrational fields or matrices which hold different perspectives of reality. In the higher dimensions, time and space are not present in the way they are within three-dimensional reality. Past, and future can coexist and physical form may not be present.

higher self

 A descriptive term for ‘soul’ or ‘I Am Presence’ that is the individualized portion of the Divine Oneness. ‘Higher’ refers to spiritual vibration and to unity with the Divine Source.


Who one perceives oneself to be. The roles one plays in life such as father, mother, teacher, student are often the common structures one takes to be identity. The innate relationship one has with the Creator or Source of Life is one’s true identity, arrived at as one progresses further down a spiritual path.

inner authority

The core of truth and sense of ‘rightness’ that reside within one’s deeper nature that is of Divine origin. No matter how covered over it may be, this sense of rightness and truth is always present at the deeper level of being. Fear and self-doubt have a debilitating effect on inner authority, often creating a vacillation between doing what is right and abandoning one’s sense of rightness.

inner guidance

Each human being has access that they may or may not know about related to the current of Divine intention and will that comes through their soul or higher self. Inner guidance can occur through verbal messages, but for many takes place on a non-verbal level as a feeling of ‘rightness’ concerning a direction to follow. Inner guidance can also come from Beings of higher dimensional consciousness who are available as helpers and guides to all of humanity.


Unification of all parts of the self so that they function in harmony, including the physical, mental, and emotional being, as well as the human self in relation to the Divine. Integration is achieved when the sources of friction between different parts of the self are removed through the process of purification.


The point of contact between two different energies or value systems. ‘Interface’ can apply to the effect that energies of light and darkness have at the point of meeting, or it can relate to interpersonal dynamics where there is a collision or confrontation between two different value systems. An ‘interface’ is neutral but becomes a point of intensity and of potential transformation in those areas in which light becomes the dominant force.


Two becoming one. In its most profound sense, ‘joining’ refers to the end of separation between the human and the Divine through the recognition of the one Self or Being that pervades all and is all.

karmic healing

The ‘law of cause and effect’ which balances past actions, thoughts, emotions, and motivations so that they can vibrate in unison with the laws of the universe and of Divine wholeness. The healing of former misguided actions, thoughts, and motivations brought about by the need to respond to challenging life experience.

layers of consciousness

Simultaneous perspectives of reality that each individual is capable of holding. These include the soul perspective and the perspective of the personality or ego-self, as well as the layers of awareness known as the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind.

light body

The physical body and energy body surrounding it as these become less dense and more capable of holding the higher frequencies of spiritual light. This change affects the cells, tissues, and organs, all of which become more light-filled. The light-body makes of each human being a new creation, capable of more, knowing more, experiencing more of spiritual reality.


Within a human relationship, a tendency to lose one’s identity and boundaries through over-identification with another based on emotional need. ‘Merging’ can take place in specific areas of relationship or be more global. It is sometimes confused with ‘empathy’ or with ‘love’ which it is not. ‘Merging’ sometimes has, at is root, the desire to help another through sharing in their suffering. At this level of identification, the resulting loss of a separate sense of self is not generally helpful.


The capacity of each embodied being to exist within different levels or dimensions of consciousness simultaneously, and to hold different views of reality about situations, events, or persons, for example, their behavior and their soul essence. ‘Dimensions’ are not locations in time and space but states of awareness in which reality is viewed from different perspectives. The Earth has existed within a three-dimensional reality. This is changing now as the Earth transitions into a higher dimensional awareness.


The structure of self, defined by thoughts, emotions, and motivations, including the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious layers of awareness. The personality allows. individualization to take place as one comes to know oneself as a unique individual operating within time and space. The personality also contains the ‘ego-self,’ that sense of ‘I-ness’ which maintains, sustains, and preserves the functioning body, mind, and emotions through rational decision-making and evaluation of possible courses of action. This ego-self is primarily influenced by mental process or ‘mind.’

present moment

Current reality in which all experience actually takes place. Our sense of the past and future under ordinary circumstances are both based in thought, taking us out of immersion in the present moment and the possibility of experiencing life fully. Immersion in the present can take place to different degrees of intensity and depth and is different from thought which makes of us observers of reality rather than experiencers of it. Increasing degrees of clarity allow an individual to see more and more clearly ‘what is.’


The portion of the inner life contained in the conscious, subconscious, or unconscious mind that can be described and measured according to collective standards of human experience. This is in contrast to the inner perception of the spiritual world which cannot be measured or compared among individuals, but remains a singular experience of the Divine that the embodied self can realize.


A divinely initiated process brought about by the energy of light through which the release of negative energies that have been bound to the physical, mental, or emotional being can take place. Purification is part of every spiritual path and knows no religion of its own. It is the means by which the ‘false’ self is let go of so that one’s true self can govern life more fully. In order to do this, a partnership is formed between human effort and Divine action, with human effort largely involved in the conscious letting go of impulses and patterns of thought that are not part of one’s deeper nature.

realms of light

Divine Beings existing at higher levels of vibration including angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, cosmic Beings, Elohim, Ophanim, Seraphim. All Beings within these realms are in service to the purposes of light and of Creation itself. Some have their area of service directed toward the Earth and assist with its evolution.


The process by which darkness is turned into light on an individual or global level. Redemption proceeds from a principle of Creation itself that

‘what is lost can be found.’ It relies on the power of light as the agent of change. That which is redeemed is returned to its former state of purity, goodness, and love through the power of the universal Christ energy.

smaller self

A contracted or limited self-perception that emphasizes feelings of inadequacy, lack, and self-doubt. Separated awareness that no longer holds the reality of the Divine as existing within oneself. It is the smaller ‘self’ of humanity that has shaped much of human history, stirring feelings of superiority and inferiority, fear of others, jealousy, rivalry, competition, and the desire for revenge.


That which partakes of the Divine. In its truest and most profound sense, this includes all of Creation. ‘Sacred’ also apples to the value one places on things, holding them to be of highest value and most precious because of their Divine origin.


Hardship or pain on mental, emotional, physical, or energetic levels that is accepted in order to aid humanity in its movement toward fulfillment of its evolutionary purpose. Such sacrifice is taken on by the soul prior to taking birth, in an agreement that is not generally known to the embodied self. The greatest sacrifices originate in a greatness of love that the soul contains and seeks to express in order to benefit the life of all beings.


The individualized portion of Divine Unity that is eternal and unchanging. The ‘Atman’ that is one with Brahman. The soul ‘puts down’ a portion of itself to accompany the individual in physical life, traveling with it from lifetime to lifetime and acting as its memory and repository of learning. This portion is not the unchanging Atman, but a portion of it that travels through time with the embodied self.


The choice of the soul for a given lifetime to pursue certain goals and areas of learning in order to arrive at greater wholeness and rebalance areas in need of healing. Soul-purpose is most often perceived through the heart and its deepest longings and aspirations. It is different from the impulse level of attraction and desire as it carries a depth of love and of commitment with it, even if this is not expressed outwardly. One can have a soul-purpose that is realized, and one can have a soul-purpose that is barely acknowledged that is waiting to be realized.


Pertaining to Divine reality. All of Creation arises from a single divine Source, so all that is, is both physical and spiritual. Also, the plane of the Timeless and Eternal and the consciousness that perceives this plane.

spiritual authority

Each human being has the right to define the nature of their own experience. Their authority comes from their being a Divine creation and from the recognition of their own inner truth. When this subjective truth is united with soul truth of a higher nature that comes from the Source of life, then spiritual authority assumes a larger dimension and becomes a powerful force for change in the world since it is able to convey this truth to the world.

spiritual bypass

Healing issues that arise for the embodied self often need to be healed through efforts made to release old thought patterns and embrace new ones. Such transformation often takes time. ‘Spiritual bypass’ typically involves calling upon the Divine to do the work for oneself so that one does not have to go through the slower process of learning and letting go. There is often behind this a wish for a ‘shortcut’ within the spiritual realm instead of accepting responsibility for the human labor needed.

spiritual materialism

Bringing ego-attributes of competition, comparison with others, achievement-focus, and the desire for superiority into the spiritual realm. Application of materialistic standards of success and failure to the inner work that is required within the spiritual realm.


Letting go of will and agency in service to divine Will. Surrender permits Divine intention to be the source of action and motivation in one’s life. The joy of surrender is created by this greater union with the Divine.

three pillars of the spiritual path

Longing, surrender, persistence — these three ‘pillars’ are innate to making progress on any spiritual path. The create depth of experience and a more accelerated transformation of identity. Longing or aspiration is primarily felt through the heart. Surrender is felt through the heart and the Will. Persistence or dedication is felt through mind, heart, and will as well as through one’s moral center that continue in faithfulness in the presence of obstacles.


Integration of a new sense of identity based on a changed center of motivation, feeling, and awareness. New values and beliefs replacing the old. ‘Transformation’ does not solely take place on the mental level though it may begin there. It is a change in identity of the whole being.


The changing of negative emotions into positive ones through the power of light, through surrender (i.e., giving them to God), and through alignment with Divine intention. Transmutation of emotions is a progressive result of the process of purification.


Revelation of Divine purpose through the medium of time, influencing both inner and outer events. Forward movement into greater wholeness. The Divine Mother manifesting in time.


The primary Divine matrix out of which all arises. The unmanifest, unnamable, self-existent infinite and eternal Being that is All. On the human level, that which joins people together in love and oneness.

vertical alignment

Harmonization and unification of the energy centers known as ‘chakras.’ Unification of all levels of awareness from the higher self or soul to the embodied level of physical matter. Becoming one within oneself. Joining Earth and Heaven through the medium of the body.


A gravitational ‘pull’ into old negative thought patterns that have become habitual. Feeling pulled in a direction one would rather not go in but cannot find a way to avoid. Like water circling a drain, a force that is difficult to separate from due to its circular motion.


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