Living as a Soul

Living as a soul involves aligning with our own Divine center as we go through life, in order to experience and express the peace, joy, harmony, and Divine knowledge that exists at our core. This section explores the difference between living on Earth as a personality and living on Earth as a soul.

We have within us the capacity for living as a soul upon the Earth. The soul is not the personality which is full of ever-changing thoughts and feelings. The personality is our outer presentation to the world. It is who we have learned to be. The soul is different. As our portion of the Divine, it is unchanging, peaceful, wise, and without fear. Unlike our personal selves, living as a soul frees us from all anxiety, allowing us to be aware of the eternal within us, even as we go about our daily lives.

The key to this is anchoring within our Divine center. If we believe we are our personality, we will not look for this center. It is only when we want more of self-knowledge that we begin to seek that part of ourselves that is our deepest truth, a truth that frees us from the turbulence that has characterized so much of human experience.


The Christic Seed

Buried within each individual consciousness is the Christic seed –that aspect of the Christ-consciousness that is God's love, fully present within the center of being to be called upon when the embodied self is ready to allow love to expand and separation to be erased from awareness.
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