Living as a Soul

“Living as a Soul” refers both to an experiential awareness of oneself as a soul, and to a simultaneous awareness of all others as souls created by the one Creator of all, and existing as one body within the body of the Earth.

Such a perspective is the birthright of each human being. It does away with the sense of superiority of one over another, and with the right to judge the being of any other. This perspective has evolved over time. It is accelerated today by the advent of greater spiritual light which the deeper heart of each one to greater love, greater compassion, and desire for oneness with the rest of life.

Along with the articles listed below, the Light Omega Calendars can be of great assistance. Created by Guruji-Ma, they are offered by donation and e-mailed daily by subscription, each having a special place in the overall energy and content that they communicate.


The Christic Seed

Buried within each individual consciousness is the Christic seed –that aspect of the Christ-consciousness that is God's love, fully present within the center of being to be called upon when the embodied self is ready to allow love to expand and separation to be erased from awareness.
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