Planetary Transformation

Transformation is a movement that accelerates the process of growth for individuals and for the planet as a whole. This section describes the causes of the transformation that humanity is undergoing and its potential for each human being.

Most of us wish to live in a world of peace and beauty but do not know how to get there. We hope for change. We pray for change, but feel the limitation of human effort and will alone to create this except through the long arc of spiritual evolution.

Planetary transformation is founded on a different premise. It holds that human intention and Divine action acting in concert can achieve in a shorter amount of time what spiritual evolution would take much longer to accomplish. Transformation implies this in its etymology, ‘trans’ meaning ‘moving from one place to another,’ and ‘formation’ being the result or effect of creating new forms. The Earth is going through such a transformation now, and we are each being changed by it. It is being helped in this by spiritual guides from other dimensions within our galaxy, by those of the higher Realms of Light, and by our own growing soul awareness which is opening us to the Divine. As this transformation takes place, all inhabitants of the Earth are being brought forward into the beauty and truth of who they are meant to be.

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