Sacred Relationships

Every relationship is meant to express the sacred. Those who consciously choose to enter a sacred relationship offer a blessing to life by virtue of the way they transmit love and respect to all. This section explores the nature of sacred relationships with other beings and with the Earth.

Sacred relationships are everywhere. They are in everything, for all beings come from the Divine and are holy. This is a view of life that humanity as a whole is moving toward but has not arrived at yet. We are beginning to understand that our basic nature is love, and that out of this we can construct relationships that are positive, healing, and based on respect for all creations of the Divine.

Sacred relationships are soul relationships. They vary with the diversity of soul qualities that each of us possesses, yet each relationship holds the aspiration to act as a force for healing upon the Earth and with others. Such relationships are not dependent upon how people respond to us, but only upon how we respond to them. Every human being has the capacity to enter sacred relationships. It is a matter of choice and of recognizing each being as holy.



To engage in a sacred relationship is to be a friend of the soul of another. It is to see the other as a soul and to meet the other as a soul. This is the way of the sacred.
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