The Purification Process

The ‘purification process’ is key to our own transformation and the transformation of the Earth. We purify by releasing those aspects of ourselves that have covered and concealed the deeper truth within. This section examines the profound nature of the purification process and what it can lead to.

As we seek greater self-awareness, today, it becomes important to know more about the deeper levels of who we are. These levels that we may progressively gain access to are what we refer to as the ‘soul.’ The soul is not the personality with its longstanding emotional and mental patterns. As part of the Divine, it is free, unencumbered, and unchanging.

In order to recognize this part of ourselves, we must go through a process of letting go of all limiting beliefs that have created a false picture of who we are. This letting go process is known as ‘purification,’ and it allows us to gain a clear view of who we really are as Divine beings within human form. It is a process that we may consciously choose through our desire for greater self-knowledge and knowledge of the Divine.

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