Unity and the Divine Mother

An exploration of the consciousness of Unity that is arriving for humanity as a result of expanding spiritual light on Earth.

This consciousness moves people, everywhere, toward wanting to collaborate, join together, and resolve differences, with a sense that these differences can be resolved when one trusts the common humanity and divine Essence of each human being. The movement toward Unity is a movement in time and space of the energy of the Divine Mother — the Oneness that encompasses all of life and that lives within every living being. The Divine Mother is the Mother of the Universe, and does not partake of any particular religion but shines her light on all.


Travels with the Grandfathers

We, the Grandfathers of the ancient lands, are making ourselves known at this time to all who would listen, so that the heritage of the past may be transmitted to the present, and so that what has been held to be of ultimate value, the sacredness of the earth and of all of life, can be restored to its original purity.


Reawakening to the Divinity of the Five Elements

We are in need of reclaiming the divinity of the five elements, each of which emerged from the Source of Creation in order to manifest the physical universe. To reclaim the divinity of each of the elements (earth, air, fire, water, space) would be to perceive the link between Creator and Creation more fully, the link between matter and spirit.
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