Feed the Hungry: Lakota Project

To feed the hungry is based on a relationship of the heart that sees all persons as part of one human family, and that desires to care for that family so that they may thrive.

For the Lakota people, the Oyate, the land, the language, and the ways of the sacred pipe are the foundation of their life and culture. There is no Lakota people without these three, for they are intimately connected with the spirit of the land, with the thoughts and perspectives that are embedded in the language, and with the teachings of the sacred pipe, handed down for thousands of years as the gift of Creator through White Buffalo Calf Woman.

This cultural heritage has been decimated and desecrated over centuries of restriction, abuse, dispossession, and indifference by a white population that chose to believe that the ‘natives’ were ‘other’ than themselves, and that still behave, in some ways, as if they believed this were true.

Feed the Hungry: Lakota Project is the means by which Light Omega is supporting the return of the sacred land, language, and observances to a people that has, despite all hardship, striven mightily to maintain their way of life. Our purpose is expressed through addressing the poverty of the Pine Ridge Reservation, where thousands of the Lakota sill live, and by supporting organizations that are trying to return the language to the people, many of whom were stripped of their right to use their language in the residential schools of their childhood.

In addition to sending monthly donations that are used to provide food boxes for families and elders on the Pine Ridge Reservation, Light Omega is currently supporting the language revitalization programs of the following organizations:

These efforts are especially important for the children that are the next generation.

We ask for your prayers and your support as you feel guided to, and especially for your understanding that there is no ‘other.’

Feeding the Hungry at Pine Ridge Reservation

Our Lakota Project focuses on one group of people who call to our hearts to help meet their basic need for adequate food in a time and place where these needs are not being met. As we, ourselves, try to eat in a healthy way, let us consider those who have no food at all.

Those who do not know about the Lakota Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota may wish to visit One Spirit, which contributes food baskets weekly to more than 600 families on the reservation, many of whom are elderly or are unable to feed their children. The comparative statistics for those on the reservation vs. those in the rest of this country are heartbreaking, both in relation to income, unemployment, substance abuse, and life expectancy. These dispossessed ones who are part of one Sioux Nation are our family, to love and to cherish as our own. Feed the Hungry Lakota Project is contributing food baskets monthly through the Pine Ridge End Hunger Project to those in need. This is our starting point.

Your $5, $10, or greater monthly contribution will allow us to purchase food baskets for those in Pine Ridge. To send a contribution, use the form below or mail a check to Light Omega, 83 Shutesbury Road, Leverett, MA 01054.

May the generosity of your hands and heart be blessed.

Light Omega is a 501(c) tax-exempt organization. All donations in support of our work are therefore tax-deductible.

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