Light Omega and India

I cannot describe India to you except through the prism of my own heart and experience of it. India’s spiritual depth and vast spiritual heritage breathes a sacredness that much of the West has lost. Those who seek a return to this sense of the sacred and to live a life that is sacred will find in India a spiritual home. This was my own discovery, and I wish to offer it to those who seek that deeper love of the Divine that does not have to be pursued or worked at, but is just ‘there’ as part of the substance and fabric of daily life and of the life of the heart. This is India, my Beloved. — GurujiMa

India, the Beloved, home of my heart. I first encountered her in physical form in 2017, and when I did, felt I had known her forever. The very air one breathes in India is sacred, the earth verdant with life and the energy of the Mother of All.

India, land of contradictions, the sacred and the profane; the devout and the greedy and commercial; the beauty of the sarees the women wear and the filth in the streets of the cities.

India, my Beloved, I am committed to helping your people in the ways that would increase personal freedom and decrease poverty and class distinctions. I am committed to revealing the beauty and grace of your holy past to the western world, that it may benefit from it.

Within the human realm, if you are inspired by what I am describing, or even if you are just curious, there are several ways to become an explorer with Light Omega of India’s vast spiritual bounty.

Take part in the Morning Meditations at Light Omega

Derived from the original Matrimandir in Auroville, India, these meditations can be joined online (see Calendar).

Discover the wonderful work of Mohanam

Mohanam is part of Auroville whose goal is to help create harmony between the traditional Tamil culture of the surrounding villages and the evolutionary perspective of Auroville as described by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. As Auroville is visionary, so, too, is Mohanam visionary, holding a vision of the peace and unity that can exist among all people, no matter what their educational status or background. Make a financial contribution to support Mohanam’s work, or volunteer on-site for a period of time and help out with your heart and your hands.

There is a spiritual vibrancy in the exchange between India’s devotional nature and the United States’ emphasis on personal freedom and equality. It is Light Omega’s sacred task to assist this mingling of energies for the purpose of creating a holy and unified earth, infused with the life and light of the Divine.

— GurujiMa


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