Meditations & Prayers

Guided meditations with GurujiMa are both a sharing of stillness and of wisdom. They can be joined by anyone of any spiritual background or of no background at all. They come from the light and transmit light through the power of sound, so that even if the words are not fully absorbed, the sound alone can help to heal, uplift, and comfort.

‘Prayers for the United States of America’ offer a series of reflections and prayers by GurujiMa that are related to the time we are in and the need in this time to align with the new that is being created as the old structures depart. Other prayers for specific purposes are also included.

An archived guided meditation recording is rebroadcast live each weekday from 8-8:30 am ET. Read more about the Morning Meditations here. Prayers for the United States of America is a weekly webcast on Sundays, 5-5:15 pm ET. Visit the Light Omega Calendar to join either via Zoom.


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