Star Poem: RCW79 in Centaurus


Audio: Star Poem: RCW79 in Centaurus

Cradle of the Infinite, giving birth to stars
from the womb of your Being,

You called me into existence in the beginning,
separating a thread of life from the Center
so that I could be.

Within you lies the deepest mystery of all,
the light that gives birth to life,
the mystery of perpetual creation,
the continual making holy of all that is.

You gave me birth before time began.
Before anything was, I was.
Before the stars took their place in the nighttime sky
I watched with you as you seeded the dark with light,
as you fashioned the stars out of silver and gold,
as you moved the heavens and created time.

You are the heart of all that is,
the Heart of hearts that is the Source of life.
Since time’s beginning I have been in you and you in me,
never to be separate, never to be torn asunder.
You penetrate the marrow of my bones,
You are the innermost core of who I am,
You are the sigh that is the exhale of my breath.

Womb of the Universe,
birthing stars from your infinite light,
Perpetual, holy, sanctified Creation –
You are a doorway to the beyond,
Not just the beyond of my self,
but the beyond of all selves,
The beyond of anything that has a name.
The beyond that is infinite and eternal.


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