Time of Awakening


The heart that awakens must awaken
in its own time and way
according to the intentions of the soul.
Each awakens differently from every other.
Each is tuned to the specific purposes of the soul.

Do not think because the opening that
you yearn for has not yet arrived
that it is of your doing.
It is much more likely that there are
healing issues of importance which delay
this greatly desired manifestation,
and Divine timing which seeks
to bring about the perfect unfoldment
of your soul in its own way and time.

Awakening is not a matter of your will,
but of your heart’s desire combined with
the desire of the Oneness
that you come into wholeness within yourself.

Be patient, then, and allow time to unfold
the awareness that is uniquely yours.
Be patient, and pray to have what is
needed revealed to you according to
Divine Will in service to the good of all.

Topics: Awakening

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