GurujiMa  | 

A poem for those who hold the suffering of the world.

Weep for the innocent ones,
the children who no longer expect peace
but the presence of violent surprise that can
come from anywhere.

Weep for the parents who seek only protection
for those they love,
and no longer know how to protect them
as they grow and are free
and can no longer be shielded.

Weep for those who do not know that
light is stronger than darkness
and who have lost hope in the
benevolent outcome of things,
but only seek to find a way to manage
in a world that does not make sense.

Weep, weep, for the loss of hope and heart
that has come to dwell in each heart
that no longer knows that God is real
and that life will not be extinguished
but instead will be reborn in a new way.


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