Copyright and Reprinting Guidelines

All writings by GurujiMa on this website may be freely downloaded for personal, non-commercial use, with the following limitations and restrictions held:

  1. No portion of an article, poem, or writing can be altered or edited in any way. Though the writing may not be presented in its totality, its sacred vibration can only be held if the text or narrative is intact with no changes made.
  2. No portion of an article, poem, or writing may be included in a book, compendium, collection of writings by multiple authors or other published work without the explicit permission of the author or her authorized representative.
  3. No portion of an article, poem, or writing can be used for purposes other than those that are spiritually uplifting. They cannot and should not be used as a means for castigating or criticizing another or the work of another. This guideline upholds the principle of oneness with all.
  4. Downloading of images used on this website that may be derived from other sources need to have permission granted by the originating creator of the image.
  5. Use of writings in print by GurujiMa should adhere to guidelines 1-4 where applicable.
  6. Use of webcasts, audio or video recordings by GurujiMa hosted on other websites must follow the regulations for the host website and adhere to guidelines 1-4 above.

For questions not covered by the above guidelines, please contact:


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