A New America — The Return of the Sacred

GurujiMa  | 

A new America is emerging based on trust in the Divine and a return to the sacred values of love and unity. This is America’s gift to the future, a future that shall be.

There is a new America coming into being.

It is not visible yet on the world stage or even in the consciousness of her citizens.

Yet it is visible within the realms of Light who hold the Divine plan and mission of each individual, nation, and collective on the Earth.

This new America is founded on the history of her inception. It expands now upon that foundation to become the enlightened nation and consciousness that will bring her unique gifts of love and unity to the world.

Such a mission does not imply moral or political supremacy.

It implies the willingness to live in the light of the sacred and through trust in the sacred as the cornerstone of her every motion, decision, action, and deliberation.

Such surrender becomes the foundation for unifying all within the light of love. It establishes America’s aim and purpose as this unification.

It gives to this desire the sanctity of holy purpose and Divine direction.

For too long has America been the voice of power and wealth, not the voice of love and unity.

For too long has she engaged in a celebration of that wealth at the expense of others, even while, by some measures, doing all that was possible to advance the lot of others as well.

Nevertheless, more has not been possible before now because the fundamental energy shift that was needed was not present.

Now, however, more is possible, because the energy of Divine light and love is firmly anchored within the land and within the Earth that is her foundational structure. Because of this, it is time for her true light to begin to shine.

This cannot happen all at once, for there is still much to be undone before the great turning can take place.

This great turning will establish a new consciousness from shore to shore and from sea to shining sea.

However, such a shift can happen even now in the hearts of those individuals who seek to join their hearts with the lot of others, and who wish to end the separation that has so much characterized relationships.

There are many now who seek to create a new society founded in love and based on the principles of light, many who seek to create a new world of light and goodness.

The challenges that lie ahead for this country are great, and the emotional challenges that many will have to face will be great.

Yet the way of light, of hope, and of the sacred will always be available to those who seek it. It will be available because it is already present upon the Earth.

By holding fast to this way of light and to the promises of the Divine to bring America through whatever challenges she may face, all will come to the clearing at the other side of the storm.

By remembering the motto of a nation, recently reaffirmed, “In God we Trust,” one will remain steadfast and faithful no matter what challenges may lie ahead.

America’s future is not written in the details of its unfoldment. But what is written is the ordination of light that shall support the new structures.

These new structures shall replace the old, and a new consciousness shall replace the old ways of doing things.

These things are written.

And it is also written that God shall not fail to support and uphold America as she goes through this time of transition…

bringing her and her people to the place of peace and of light that is her gift and her destiny.

This is the ordination of light that has already begun on the Earth, and its gifts will be brought forth with Divine simplicity and grace as the New America comes into being.

May all be blessed in the unfoldment of this Divine undertaking.


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