A New Reality: the Ascent of Matter

GurujiMa  | 

Today, we’re celebrating the Christmas of the Mother. Yesterday, we were celebrating the Christmas of the Father, the descent of grace, the Divine becoming embodied through a descent into embodiment, or into the Earth you could say. Today we celebrate the ascent of matter, the Earth ascending into the higher vibrations of you could say heaven, or you could say the Realms of Light, or you could just say light.

All that we know, all of physical matter, from within itself – from within itself from within the earth, from within the cellular, molecular structure of physical matter – is now capable of emanating at a higher vibration.  And you, Beloved ones, because you’re made of physical matter, are receiving this opportunity of ascending with the planetary ascent of physical matter. You’re here, you’ve chosen to be here, you can participate in this miraculous event.  Something miraculous can happen in your life, with you, from the Divine inside of you.


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