Moving Toward Abundance

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Abundance and provision by the Earth can’t happen if we are at cross-purposes with the Earth, if we are doing things that are not natural in the sense of supporting Her. All that She provides is based on harmony. If we step out of harmony, we embrace not only scarcity in our own consciousness, but competition.  Once you leave the idea that all can be provided for, you come to the idea of profit, of self-interest, and of hoarding.

There are few things in life that break themselves down into stark dichotomies, and the principles of ‘scarcity’ and ‘abundance’ are no exception.  As human beings, we tend to compartmentalize life into those areas in which we feel generous and are not worried about whether there is enough of something to go around, and those areas in which we are afraid of doing without. We operate out of different premises at different times, in different phases of life, and for different occasions. Yet, the principle of ‘scarcity’ plagues us with a background and often foreground sense of anxiety about not having enough, not being provided for, and in this state of anxiety, we lose the context of abundance which is based on the premise that we are part of all others, of the Earth, and of all-that-is, and that there is enough for all.

The ‘principle of scarcity’ tells us that there is not enough of something to take care of everyone, whether money, food, land, resources, healthcare, medicine, and most especially of love, of love for all beings. Based on this premise, we become competitive and possessive, emphasizing self-interest as a self-protective measure, whether on an individual scale or on a national or global scale. Because we do not think that all can be provided for, we reduce the expansiveness of our heart and rationalize this by believing that it is natural and right that each one take care of themselves and let others take care of themselves as well.

Such separation and isolation is a reflection of our history, and of the disconnect between ourselves and the rest of life that has allowed us to believe that separateness and self-interest are necessities for survival. This premise of the past is now confronting the premise of the present and future, namely, that the Earth can provide for all if we live in harmony with Her, and that all beings on the planet can be provided for if we live in harmony with them.

What is harmony?

It is the capacity for attunement to a blending of the needs, aspirations, hopes, dreams, and limitations of oneself, with the needs, aspirations, hopes, dreams, and limitations, of another. We are meant to exist in harmony with the Earth, in a relationship of mutuality where we care for the Earth and the Earth cares for us. We are meant to live in a relationship of harmony with each other, where the defensive boundaries of competition and self-protection are no longer needed because it is seen and known that we are one Self, one Being, and that when all are cared for and provided for, each self benefits.

We are meant to exist in harmony with the Earth, in a relationship of mutuality where we care for the Earth and the Earth cares for us.

This knowledge is arriving but has not fully arrived yet. We contribute to its arrival by eliminating within our own lives those areas in which we do not exist in harmony with others, areas in which we are defensive, judgmental, self-protective, and rejecting of others. We contribute to the arrival of harmony when we operate out of the principle of ‘abundance’ rather than the principle of ‘scarcity,’ holding within ourselves the belief that there is enough love within us to embrace all, and rejecting the belief that we are too small, too insufficient, too needy, etc., to be generous in our relationships with the rest of life.

The principle of abundance which emanates from harmony and also gives rise to it, is applicable on all levels of being: to exist in harmony with the Earth, with other creatures, with other human beings, and within our inner life as well. It is our work in this era in which we live to eliminate those areas in which disharmony exists, and not to believe that they are ‘natural’ or ‘only human.’

We have the choice, today, of being able to help the future come into being, and it is through moving from the principle of ‘scarcity’ to the ‘principle of abundance,’ and from belief in disharmony to belief in harmony.  The Being of the Earth has the capacity to provide for all of Her children if we live in harmony with Her and meet Her needs as she meets ours. We must ask ourselves if we are ready to do this.


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