Coming Age of Light

GurujiMa  | 

What was not possible before is becoming possible, now, as the soul gains ascendance over the conscious self, and the clouds covering vision begin to clear.


There is a light dawning on the horizon,
piercing through the covering of
gray and overcast skies,
penetrating the layers of doubt
that have clouded the mind and obscured the heart.
The new light is of color and warmth.
It is stronger than what we thought light was,
and more vibrant than what we thought colors were…
It offers a new vision to the eyes and heart
of gold tones, not gray – of hope, not sorrow.
It frees humanity from its misperceptions.
In this new light we see a new range of color,
greater than we thought we could see.
We experience a new range of understanding,
greater than we thought we could know.
What seemed impossible during the time of gray
seems possible now…


This is the time… now…
The rhythms of the heart are becoming stronger now.
We can hear them inside if we listen…
bam-te-bam, bam-te-bam…
The pulsing of our own heart brings the inner voice
to our ears,
bam-te-bam, bam-te-bam…
bam-te-bam, bam-te-bam,
bam-te-bam, bam-te-bam.
bam-te-bam, bam-te-bam,
bam-te-bam, bam-te-bam.
Inexorable and timeless, the pulse of
our own spiritual heartbeat beats on and on.
It brings Life to our life, and allows a vision of
the new to come into being.
We may listen, or we may turn away,
but if we turn away, we turn from our deepest truth.
We want to live with honesty.
We want to live with truth.
But we are afraid to be ourselves.
Now, the heart calls more insistently.
It says – NOW…
It says – the DOOR IS OPEN….
It says – dare to walk through it.
All that you know of yourself is only part
of what is true.
The rest is yet to be seen…
The steady beat of your heart
will reveal to you who you are.
It will tell you what is important and where to go.
Listen to the rhythm of your inner being.
Follow your soul…


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