An End to Clinging

GurujiMa  | 

The end to clinging and the beginning of freedom lies in the ability to let go of attachments based on fear, in favor of the new and unknown landscape of the deeper self. Each soul desires freedom, and so it shall be.

What holds the self back from feeling beauty,
peace, oneness, love?
It is the emotional ‘glue’ with which we cling to things,
even while feeling that we wish to let them go.

The things we cling to can be persons, places, or objects.
Yet, most importantly, they are feelings.
Many cling to painful feelings while thinking that the
feelings are clinging to them.

How does this happen?
It happens because the familiar pain is often less
frightening than the unfamiliar and unknown landscape
of change…

This landscape is wondrous, yet it can seem daunting
and beyond one’s capacity when one has lived as a
smaller self for a long while.
To enter it, one must trust.
One must greet change with hope.

Why do we cling?
We cling because we are afraid not to,
and what we cling to are the things which make us
feel safe.

We become dependent.
We become judgmental.
We become indifferent.
We become critical.
These are ways of being we cling to that seem
to create safety.

Beloveds, all clinging is fear-based.
It is based on separation from the Divine within.
It is the ego’s way of coping with the state of aloneness.
It is not the way of the deeper self.

The deeper self says: “Why are you holding onto
these attitudes?
Let them go. They are not needed.”
But the smaller self says: “I do not believe you. Without
them I do not know who I am.”

Yet, a new time is upon us. One in which more is possible.
It is more possible to say to the feeling one feels: “I am not
THAT.” Nevertheless, it is often hard to do.

In the process of letting go, it can seem like many
obstacles are blocking one’s way.
In fact, it is often the case that we are afraid
of moving further in a new direction.

To overcome this fear, one must return to the truth
of the Divine within.
This is the key to the door of freedom.

Walking through this door,
one feels the light expanding and there is no need
to remain small.
There is no need to doubt that freedom can replace
limitation, that love and joy can replace sorrow.

The soul desires to be free to express on the physical plane, and so it shall be.

The possibilities are limitless, for the largeness and
beauty of who one is is always better than what one has

The inner Essence is always more loving, more giving, more truthful, and stronger than one ever might have suspected.

This is the teaching for today —
to risk becoming one’s deeper and truer self,
to release what one has been clinging to in favor
of the new.

Take the chance, beloved one, for a moment, an hour,
a day, or longer.
Be what you have not dared to be.
Let go of what you have felt you must inevitably be.

Become who you are in the light of your Divine being.
Let the day of re-birth begin.



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