Bringing Love to Your Body

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Bringing love to your body is central for everything else you wish to accomplish outside in the world, with others, or for the Earth. Bringing love to your body is absolutely vital because it’s the physical foundation of your being here.

I’ve been talking with you this week about bringing your breath to different parts of your body, and there’s a principle behind that which also needs to be spoken of.  It has to do with love. Love opens doors, not only between people, but also between you and your body, between you and the higher aspects of yourself, and between you and the spiritual universe. When you do an alignment practice or centering practice and you breathe and move to that place inside you that’s deeper, and you bring the energy of that place to any part of you that is in need of healing or help, you’re bringing the force of your intention and your love to that place in need, not just as a technique, but as a vital force.


Your hands, your voice, and your thoughts all convey energy. If you put your hand someplace, you may not feel immediate relief to the extent that you would like, nevertheless, your intention, your hand, and your heart are all connected, so you are bringing energy to the process of healing in whatever way it can be received. Even without having a particular place of discomfort, bringing love to your body is central for everything else that you wish to accomplish in the world, that you wish to accomplish for the Earth, or for any relationship you might have. Bringing love to your body is absolutely vital because it’s the physical foundation of your being here.


Having said this, we need to go back to breathing and to affirming the value of our existence within a body. “I am here. I am breathing,” is an affirmation of utter simplicity. “I am here. I am breathing,” can be treated as a neutral fact, of course, or it can be treated as a statement that has been chosen by you and by the Divine within you. For this reason, the affirmation is of great value.


Let’s close our eyes and take a couple of deep breaths.


Now, just breathe naturally and gently as you normally do. Feel your lungs and your rib cage expand with the in-breath and contract with the out-breath. Feel yourself getting quieter inside.


The more you do this with focused attention, the more your body will build up a reservoir of memory so that it becomes easier and smoother to do the next time,


Focus on your breathing. Focus on the present moment in which you exist. What an extraordinary thing to exist!


You came into this physical body with a purpose, and you are manifesting that purpose at all times. I want you to think not only of your breath breathing, and your lungs breathing, but the breathing process is also allowing your cells to breathe. Every cell is getting nourished by your intention.


Right now, there is a source of joy that belongs to the soul within you, that is completely independent of anything that’s happening outside you. This source of joy has its own music, its own song. And the song is very much about what I’m saying: “I am here. I exist.” And your soul feels its joy about that because it has chosen to enter this form, this miraculous transmutation of spirit into matter that is your body. It has chosen to do that. And so, it celebrates: “I am here. I am breathing.”


What a good thing it would be if we could walk around during the day and be in that place, rather than be reactive to events around us that can be good or bad, happy or sad, easy or difficult. In the midst of all that can happen during a day, one can still say: “I am here. I am breathing. I exist.”


This is such an important practice and consciousness. Think of someone else in your immediate sphere that you would like to give this to as an awareness of themselves. Everybody needs this. Everybody needs to experience their own existence in joy. Everybody needs to come to that place of utter simplicity where “I am here” is the center. Think of somebody else that you would like to bring this to or share this with because of their own circumstances, and say to them in your mind: “You are here. You are breathing. You exist.” Convey to them in your mind that joy that you wish they could feel. “You are here. You are breathing. You exist.”


Perhaps you can share this with them in person. They’re most welcome to join us for this morning meditation. It doesn’t require anything other than the desire to be here.


There may be other feelings in you from the past that move you away from this central experience of “I am here,” towards other things that ,for the moment, seem more important – like the feeling that yesterday you didn’t do what you set out to do, or that you weren’t able to accomplish something else in your life that was important to you.


These areas of self-criticism and self-judgment generally exist for everyone because of life experiences that we can’t reconcile ourselves with. Yet, what you are is more basic than what you do. What you do is a learning process that you engage in as you go through life. What you are is existence. itself. You don’t learn to exist. You exist. You are a soul created by the Divine and your physical embodiment was chosen by you. You are learning about it now that you are in a body, but the choice was already made.  Centering in this simple way helps your embodiment feel valued by you, and helps your spiritual purpose to become more embodied.


Are you feeling your lungs as you breathe? There’s a rhythm to your breathing that can be like music. It can be comforting. It can be beautiful that your breath is going in with your inhale and out with your exhale. There’s a grace to it. Can you feel that you have this miraculous body that you’ve chosen to live in for a period of time?


In order to support that choice, you’re breathing. The Divine breath is becoming your breath. And because of that, you’re here. You are being breathed into at all times by the Divine, by your own choice as a soul to live within human form.


We’re coming to the end of this meditation. No matter where you go today or what you do, the basic fact is that you’re here. You have chosen to be here. The Divine is moving through you. And so, at any point during the day, you can come back to this basic fact of your existence. But for now, open your eyes and continue to be aware of your breath. And as you look around you, affirm for yourself: “I am here. I am breathing. I am here.”


Nothing outside you has to change in order for you to feel the joy of your own existence. It doesn’t depend on anything that’s happening to you or not happening to you. It is the experience of being part of the Divine. “I am here. I am breathing.” As I said earlier, you might think of someone in your life that needs to feel this about themselves, this simplicity of existence, and invite them to join you in this meditation.


I thank you for sharing this sacred time with me and will see you tomorrow for another morning meditation. Namaskar.


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