Christmas Message, 2021

GurujiMa  | 

Many in the world on this Christmas Eve day and on the next Christmas day, think about loved ones and about love. And the heart opens more because it feels more compelled to, more capable of opening to peace and love. Each person in the world every person has a great longing for peace.  Each one has to take responsibility for being a force of peace and goodwill. We create that world through each action that we take through each decision that we make. And through each gesture of goodwill, kindness and love that we bring to the world. No gesture is unimportant. We are shaping the future as emissaries of the world of tomorrow. You are an emissary of peace to the world of tomorrow.

You have this opportunity, Beloved ones, to think with your heart, to think about peace and goodwill as a permanent state of your soul. And not just on Christmas, but any day of the year, you have the option of doing that, to think with your heart.  And if you do, and to the extent that you do, you will bring a new consciousness into being – a new society, a new valuing into being. Because our society needs to go in that direction of thinking with the heart. And we are and we will – but there is great suffering and difficulty that many experience because of the lack of heart. So, Beloveds, if you can think with your heart and carry it with you during the day and for the days to come, you will be making a great contribution to the world as we presently experience it. You will be actively leading the world towards a new era and a new ethic of peace and goodwill.


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