Coronavirus: A Step Toward Trusting the Unknown

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As you know, I spoke this afternoon about Coronavirus and about preparing children from the time that they’re very young to trust the unknown. And so I want to talk with you about this, because it’s part of our daily life now, part of our life going into the future. We have such a big fear of trusting the unknown, such a big fear because our history has been about trusting ourselves to know exactly what to do in planning for the future. We like to believe that we’re in charge, though we’re not really in charge. What a difference it would make to children to be able to feel that the unknown was trustworthy, and that life could be unpredictable, yet that wasn’t something to be feared. It could be allowed.

So, in relation to the unknown and unpredictable, as adults we come into the place of self-confrontation where we think we’re ready for change. We think we’re ready to let go of something, but we’re actually not ready. It’s a hard thing to let go of habits, especially when those habits have been longstanding. It’s a hard thing. So, what is the way through this dilemma? Well, there isn’t one simple answer. It’s like asking: What is the way of surrender? Indeed, what is the way of surrender? Why does a person surrender to the unknown? And what is the unknown that we’re surrendering to? These are questions that many people have. What is the unknown and what am I surrendering to? What would it look like in the situation today to surrender?

Surrender has a close relationship with trust. Because if you surrender or you’re endeavoring to surrender and you feel endangered at the same time, you’re in conflict with yourself. The way doesn’t really open to you unless you start feeling or experiencing that which you want to surrender to. You can call it whatever you like. You can call it my ‘deeper self,’ or you can call it ‘life,’ or you can call it ‘the Divine.’ But on some level there needs to be an experience of positive feeling in order to make the way open. Otherwise, it becomes more a matter of obedience which is not surrender. Surrender is not obedience. Surrender is the willing giving over of one’s will, out of love, out of devotion, out of a desire to serve, out of a feeling that there is goodness in doing it, goodness for oneself and goodness for life. Surrender is all about that, not about obedience. It can be about obedience in a specific situation in which you want to obey, but here the wanting is the key. The wanting to do what the Divine is asking of you.

There is a distance to travel, beloved ones, between wanting to be able to surrender and actually surrendering; wanting to be able to join with Divine will, and actually joining. One has to be very patient with this as one learns to deepen in trust. Most people have multiple levels of feeling. There is what we would like to feel and what we actually feel. For example, about the loss of life in this current Covid-19 situation. We’d like to feel completely trusting. We’d like to feel at peace. And I’m not leaving out sorrow here, nor am I leaving out compassion for those who suffer. But in the presence of sorrow, we could trust the situation that involves loss of life.

Do most of us feel that? Yes and no. The deeper self feels that, and the self that is afraid of loss, the self that’s afraid that life is going to change in ways that are drastically different than what we’re used to – that self has a voice as well. And so many of us are divided into a part that trusts and a part that distrusts; a part that wants to surrender, and a part that is not sure that surrender is a good thing. Again, I want to remind you that surrender is not obedience. It’s an act of love that comes from the direct experience, on some level, of that which you’re surrendering to.

This is a time when much is changing inside, beloved ones. Much is changing, and new questions are being asked by us, even if they’re not conscious, questions about life, about how to plan the future — a future that is no longer plan-able in the way we thought it was. What do we do with that fact? What do we do with our inability to predict or to see clearly what lies ahead two months from now, four months from now, a year from now? We just don’t know. In the world of the sacred that we’re moving into, the world in which the unknown is trustworthy, surrender would not be a problem. It would be effortless. Why? Because the experience of Divine goodness would flow through our conscious experience of life. That’s why. And so, it would be natural to want to attune to Divine will all the time about everything. It would be natural. It wouldn’t be a project. It wouldn’t be an effort. It would just involve the recognition that this is a sacred life infused by the Divine, and I am in my body wanting to do what I’m here to do as part of divine Creation. I am of the Divine. I am of the Holy Breath. And so, if one started from that premise, then trusting the unknown and surrendering to the unknown would not be a difficulty. It would be as natural as breathing, as natural as spiritual breathing.

We’re in a crossover time between one way of life and another way of life. This crossover time that has so much difficulty in it has so much potential in it. And we are asked to observe within ourselves what we are ready for in terms of change, in terms of letting go of the past, in terms of adaptation. What are we ready for? Only you can answer that question. Only you know what you’re ready for. Only you know what you feel or fear would be devastating if you had to let go of it. You know your attachments and you know your fears. And here we’re not talking about the major loss of loved ones and of life, because that particular situation of letting go of someone you love who’s left their body and left this plane is a particular human dilemma that has to be worked through at a very deep level. One cannot escape it. There’s a mixture of feelings that comes with letting go of a loved one, of loss, of grief, of joy and celebration of the life that has been, of deep gratitude for that life, of anger. There are all kinds of feelings. But apart from that particular circumstance of needing to unravel those ties that are bound to the physical incarnation of someone who has left their body, we’re dealing with life as a whole. Our lives are changing. We don’t know whether they’re going to go back, sideways, or forward, and if so, into what? We don’t know. How can we feel comfortable with that? Do you know for yourself how much unknown you can tolerate? Do you know? Are you willing to let it all be in God’s hands, or by whatever name you would designate that supreme Authority? Are you willing to do that?

When you get to that place, there’s tremendous freedom and joy in it. Tremendous possibility to no longer have to hold on to something that you can’t do without. This is a victory for life and for light – to no have to hold on; to give it all to Divine direction. There’s freedom and joy, but most of us are not there yet because we’re still involved with the definitions and the habits that are defining who we feel ourselves to be. And that other part, the part that can give it all away, that part has already redefined who the self is. It is no longer holding on to the personal self. That other part is happy to be part of all that is.

When we are facing these major changes, both inner and outer, it’s a good time to ask ourselves: What is the foundation of truth that we’re holding? What is it? Maybe it will come to you in words. Maybe it won’t. But everyone is holding some foundational truth because every one of us is a soul, and the soul is living in its own truth. And so, you’re never without truth, even if you’re not feeling it. Even if you’re not conscious of it. Your soul, which is operating on a different frequency band, is holding the truth of your existence, whether your mind can accept or understand it or not. Your soul is doing that.

I wish for all beings who have chosen to be here during this crossover time, the courage, the faith, and the trust to look clearly at the changes that are happening, both inner and outer, and to look with courage, trust, love, and faith at what is supporting all of this change – not only what’s being let go of, but what’s arriving and asking for a place in our human family, in our life. What’s arriving is more important than what’s leaving because it’s the building block of the future. It’s true that we have to let go of certain things, and again, I’m not wanting to diminish the cost of losing a loved one. That’s not what I’m talking about. But the change of life circumstances in terms of reality as a whole, this is what is before us. What you can you accept of the unknown is the question and challenge of this moment.

What can you accept, and where are you with your own looking backwards and holding onto the past instead of looking forward? We’re divided into parts. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a work in progress, and we just need to see where we are with it. So, I offer you blessings during this time of change and the promise of what is to come that has already begun to arrive. Can we put our faith and trust in that for ourselves, for our children, for all beings? Can we join with what’s emerging and let go of the fear of what’s leaving?


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