Dying to the Past: The Everpresent Nature of Passages

GurujiMa  | 

To let go of what has been is a moment-by-moment event, and what makes it difficult is that our sense of identity is attached to something that has been and we feel unsafe or insecure about letting go of it. There needs to be a willingness to loosen our hold on “that is who I am.”  To move into the future, we need to let something die.


We mark the passing of time in each day that we live and in each moment that we live, and so we have to get used to letting go of what has been.  The idea of death or of letting something die is part of life. The change that takes place within us and that wants to take place within us involves a perpetual dying or letting go and a continual trust in the next moment that hasn’t revealed itself yet.



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