Divine Life Within Your Body

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I want to emphasize the importance of experiencing and expressing gratitude for your own existence and for your own body. No matter what condition it’s in, you chose this body when you were contemplating taking birth so that it would be the absolutely suitable expression for what you wanted to accomplish in this lifetime.

I’ve been talking with you about bringing love to your body, and in our meditations, we’ve been breathing together with this in mind. I want to emphasize the importance of experiencing gratitude for your own existence and for your own body, no matter what condition it may be in. You chose this body. You chose it when you were contemplating taking birth so that it would be the absolutely suitable expression for what you wanted to accomplish in this lifetime. In a state of deep contemplation and within the envelope of Divine illumination, you chose it. Yet, in a larger sense, the Creator of All also chose it because the creation of the five elements of your body are given as foundation to all bodies. All physical matter is composed of these elements which allow one to take form. Therefore, your body is a Divine creation.


This is a mystery that we don’t often think about, that is, that the elements of our bodies are from the Divine and contain Divine life. Earth, air, fire, water, space – these elements live in every particle of our physical expression.  Think of the wonder of this – that every part of you is an aspect of Divine life. Think it, and feel it, and know it.


Having said this, let’s close our eyes and go back to breathing and to affirming: “I am here. I exist.”


Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths, just so you know that you’re sitting in this particular place at this particular time. Breathing consciously helps you let go of what happened even a few minutes ago.




Focus your attention on your breathing, on the inhale that expands your lungs and your rib cage, on your rib cage moving out and then in, on your diaphragm lowering and then rising. If you breathe deeply enough, you will feel your diaphragm more strongly. If you breathe in a shallower way, you tend to feel only your lungs expanding. Let your lungs be filled with breath and see if you can feel your diaphragm moving up and down.




If you find your attention wavering, bring it back and fix it on your breathing and on the perception that you exist as a breathing being.


“I am breathing. I am here.” You may not think this is important, but what if it were the mostimportant aspect of your life? The most important? “I am breathing. I am here.”


This breathing that we do is autonomous. We don’t have to learn how to breathe. From the moment we’re born, we breathe. We breathe so we can live. Can you feel the miracle of that? We take in oxygen and it goes to our blood, and every cell in our body becomes oxygenated.

We have to stop taking things for granted that concern our physical existence. Every aspect is infused by Divine life. Every aspect is holy.




I’d like you to think, now, of what I said earlier, that you are made of five elements: earth, air, fire, water space, and every portion, every particle of physical matter that you are, and every portion, every particle of the entire universe is made of the same five elements. This is Divine creation in manifestation.


You are a little more than seventy percent water, twelve percent earth, six percent air, four percent fire, and another six percent space.  Can you give thanks for what you’re made of? Can you appreciate it? You have the same percentage of water in your body as the Earth has within the oceans on her surface. We match. We are made the same. We are one body.




Your inner being says “I am here.” This is a very important statement for you to make. You came into this physical form to serve a Divine purpose. The Divine purpose is learning, and it’s also contributing to the well-being of all. You are here to do that.




“I am breathing. I am here.”




Notice any part of your body that’s uncomfortable, painful, or stiff, and bring your breathing to that part of your body. You may find putting your hand on it helpful. Your breath is infusing not only your lungs, but every cell with energy. So, bring your breathing to that place in your body that’s uncomfortable and say to it: “I am here. I am with you.” When you bring love to that place, you create the best, most optimal possibility for healing.


The same holds true when you desire to bring love to others. Let your breathing, first, be an act of love for yourself, and especially for those parts of you that are in need of healing. This creates the platform for love moving outward.




There’s a song that goes on inside us. If we could hear it, it has its own joyful music. This song is called “I am.” It’s the celebration, the joy, some would call it the ‘bliss’ of existence. It’s self-created, self-existent. It’s God within you. When you touch even a small part of it, you can begin to receive that joy.


“I am breathing. I am here. I Am.”


When we say this, we need to understand what it means. “I am here” is the physical expression of “I Am” which is pure existence without the necessity for a physical expression.


“I Am” is the core of “I am here.” “I Am” enters “I am here.” The Spirit that is the Creator enters the form of “I am here.”




We’re coming to the end of this meditation time. If you have your eyes closed, prepare to open them gently. As you do so, look around you and continue to focus on your breathing and on the affirmation: “I am here. I am breathing.”


This affirmation is true in every moment of your day. In every moment, you have the opportunity to recognize that others whom you encounter are also breathing and are also here. You can also know that the “I Am” that is your existence beyond form is part of “I am here.”


“I Am” takes form so you can be here. That’s why being grateful for the five elements is so fitting, because the possibility of your being here is created out of those five elements. They are the substructure of matter in the physical universe.


Look around you and feel your own physicality of “I am here. I am breathing.”


Now, recognize: “I am in relationship with everything around me. Everything I see, everything I touch, is in relationship with me.”


Thank you for sharing this sacred time with me. I hope you will feel the full value and beauty of your own existence throughout this day. May all beings be blessed by your presence here in physical form upon the Earth.


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