Earth Habitat — The Body of the Mother

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The Earth is a great Being in service to the countless souls who inhabit her. The Earth’s body is that of the Divine Mother. Her destiny is light.

From the beginning of time, the Earth has existed within the Mind of God.

It has existed, as the polarity between light and darkness required a home in which these forces could play themselves out within the consciousness of those choosing this path.

This path of duality was chosen as a sacred path of learning.

It was not enforced.

It was not a punishment.

It was not an edict.

It was chosen.

All who entered this path entered of their own free will, desiring to experience the joys of selfhood and the freedom of choice they imagined as fulfillment.

Each soul rejoiced in its choice.  Each rejected the idea of limitation of freedom and chose to explore the right to choose in the presence of an unknown outcome.

Thus, was the sacred Earth born, the home of the Divine plan for the fulfillment of the destiny of countless souls, each seeking the fulfillment of their own destiny.

The Earth knew that it was to be the home for the consciousness of duality.  It knew, and it chose to serve in this way.

It chose to allow its sacred body to become the vehicle for the expression of duality, in order to help and shelter the souls who had chosen this home.

By sheltering these countless souls, the Earth allowed itself to become a vessel of light-darkness, and bore the burden of this as souls increasingly lost contact with their spiritual essence.

The suffering that this induced was immense.  And it went on and on.  For the Earth’s being held this suffering without release, enduring the prevailing winds of darkness as they emerged.

Yet, written into the destiny of this sacred Earth was the knowledge, both physical and in consciousness, that the transition into light would be the outcome of this passage…  that light would wipe away the millennia of suffering and waiting.

Only love of such magnitude and Divine graciousness could have permitted this endurance.  Only love for the countless souls who inhabited her sacred ground.

This love was infinite.  It was abundant.  It was compassionate and enduring.  It was the love of the Universal Mother for her children.

Nowhere could the Earth go for release as millennia after millennia added layer upon layer to the physical, energetic, and spiritual atmosphere of the planet.

The divine Heart of the great Mother of the Universe lay in the heart of the Earth.  This divine Heart poured out love, no matter how she was treated, no matter how she was ignored.

Finally, the time came when the transition into light could begin, when souls had chosen duality enough and by their own free choice began to seek the light.

This happened over time.  It happened slowly.  But the consciousness shift in the direction of light was unstoppable, for it corresponded to the divine Essence of each embodied soul.

This time belonged to the sacred Earth.  It belonged to the longing of her Heart.  It belonged to the ordained destiny of the body of the Mother that had given herself so fully.

And so the great turning began, slowly at first, and then gaining acceleration.  This great turning will return the Earth to light.

It will redeem the duality of the Earth into the unity that has continued to live within her core being.

It will redeem the consciousness of the inhabitants of the Earth.

The great turning will bring the shift from duality to unity, from darkness to light, from separation to oneness.

It has already begun and shall continue until every last vestige of darkness has been reabsorbed into the light of the One, and until every heart knows itself to be part of that One.

Then, the sacred Earth, the holy Earth that is the Divine body of the Mother, shall be a planet of light, and all who inhabit her shall feel themselves blessed to live in the Divine embrace of the One.

All blessings to the sacred Earth who is fulfilling her destiny and bringing blessings to all of life.


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