Flame of Hope

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This is a cross-over time. A time of transition in which the old must leave before the new can enter. There is hardship for many in this time as the old is cleared out.

Suni-ai sidh peer sur naat

Suni-ai dharat dhaval aakaas

Sun-ai deep loa-a paataal

Suni-ai pohi naa sakai kaal

Naanak bhagataa sadaa sigaas

Suni-ai dukh paap kaa naas.


This is a cross-over time.

A time of transition in which the old must leave

before the new can enter.

There is hardship for many in this time as the old

is cleared out.

The prayer of the heart must be to let it go.

To do this, the heart must find its trust.

Trust must replace reliance on the visible.

The pain of the heart that must let go without certainty

begins to disappear as God’s reality deepens.

Now, the heart finds a place on which to stand

that feels like truth, foundation-truth, the basis for a life.

In this cross-over time, foundation-truth

becomes most important.

It is not what the mind believes, but what the

inner being knows.

Such truth exists as a flame within the deepest

recesses of the heart.

Beyond reason, it remains,

for it is the truth of the soul, born into the world

when the soul was.

This truth is an anchor in a turbulent time.

Warmed by the sun of love, it seeks to build

a world of love that it knows can be.

This vision is based not on what has been

but on what will be.

It is an inner knowing of love’s possibilities.

The truth of love is the source of hope,

both for the individual and for the world.

The flame of hope is based on truth,

the same truth that the heart recognizes within itself

at its deepest core.

Even the heart that grieves is sustained by

this knowledge, for in the presence of outer

difficulties, truth remains.

The soul infuses its wisdom into the heart,

allowing the heart to feel the wheel of life turning.

For this reason, the heart can accept

change when it comes.

It can let go of the past and embrace an unknown future.

Hope carries the future into being.

It creates life with invisible seeds where no seeds

would seem to grow.

YOU have come here to affirm this new life of the world.

This is the gift that you bring –

the truth that lives in your inner being.

This truth fuels the flame of hope that burns on and on…

Tears do not extinguish it.

Sorrow does not diminish it.

Physical pain does not put it out.

The flame of hope remains within the deepest

recesses of your being,

waiting, luminous…

May all beings be blessed by this flame.

May it radiate its light within each and every heart.

May the world be blessed by the truth that you carry.



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