A World of Learners: Forgiveness for Not Knowing

GurujiMa  | 

If you’re learning something, you can’t already know it because you’re in the process of learning it. As we close our eyes, let’s see if we can deepen our sense of universal forgiveness for all beings who are learning how to be, for all of life, for all limitation, for all self-limitation – we need to find forgiveness for all of it.

Each new day is an opportunity to learn something. Each new day is an opportunity to explore who you are and how you are. If, as a world, we could picture ourselves as learners all of the time, so much discomfort, so much self-blame, so much blame of others would not take place. People would know themselves to be learning from each experience and would hold that with each other. To see oneself as a learner and others as learners is a way of establishing forgiveness, to know that everyone is in a progression of learning something more about how to live.


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