Foundational Truth in a Time of Upheaval

GurujiMa  | 

What is important about being rooted in yourself is that you know that there’s something supporting you. If you feel wavy, uncertain, afraid, not knowing how to deal with something sudden and unexpected, it is important to know that something is supporting you that says: “You are solid, you are supported, you are upheld, no matter how fluctuating life appears to be.”

There are times in every person’s life in which upheaval takes place, turbulence, something that shakes you up.  The question for each of us is how we respond to that upheaval, that thrusting into our awareness of something unexpected… In order to live a life that can absorb all kinds of change, we need to have a place that we can retreat to within ourselves that can keep us on an even keel, even when surprising things happen.


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