Holdout Places of the Heart

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The spiritual essence of each one desires love and oneness. However, there are often ‘holdout places’ in the heart which prevent one from feeling love. These may be healed as one increasingly understands that love requires only ONE who loves.

There is a way to live in the world that is

beyond like and dislike.

These are the ways of the ego, but the Spirit seeks

something else.

The Spirit seeks oneness and love, yet there are often

‘holdout places’ in the heart where karma is strong

and love has difficulty gaining entrance.

These ‘holdout places’ must be treated with compassion.

They are the strong influences of the soul’s past,

now claiming attention and the balm of forgiveness.

An absence of forgiveness lives in these places,

toward others, toward oneself, toward those

nearest and dearest.

‘Holdout places’ of the heart are places of maximum

opportunity and maximum growth.

They are built out of resentments and hurts

that have traveled with us from lifetime to lifetime.

They are the karmic ties that bind.

To unbind these ties, one must be willing to allow love

to be more important than everything else.

‘Holdout places’ are built on justifications – the reasons

why love toward a particular person

does not seem possible.

These justifications are commonplace.

Yet, what was not possible before becomes possible

when one remembers that it takes only ONE to love.

Each one is responsible for their own lovingness,

not any other.

This shift can be life-changing, in a world where there

are no longer reasons not to love.

The great mystery of Divine love within the human

begins to unfold when one releases justifications and

determines to love.

Those who seek love for a particular one but cannot

find it have not yet discovered the indwelling Source

that is infinite and unqualified.

Do not doubt that this Source is within you.

You must forgive yourself for the ‘holdout places’

in your heart and call upon the light to heal them.

Reaching toward love will begin to release what

needs to be let go of.

Making a space for light will bring the teachings

of forgiveness.

Such learning does not happen through ‘thinking,’

but through the Divine activity of the soul.

In the end, all ‘holdout places’ disappear in the

light of love, for this light is stronger than all else.

Therefore, do not spend time judging yourself and

your capacity to love.  Rather, call upon the light.

This reduces separation and makes possible healing.

Greet each ‘holdout place’ with joy and with prayer –

joy to have discovered it, prayer to ask for healing.

Love will come to you in this way, in the way of your desire,

for it is never absent, just concealed.

Your essence, at all times, IS LOVE.

Be at peace, beloved one, and rejoice in the journey.

From beginning to end it is a journey about LOVE.


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