Inner Being: Finding the Way Home Together

GurujiMa  | 

We are meant to live a life that joins what we think of as ‘human’ and what we think of as ‘Divine’ so that they are no longer separate; so we are no longer separate from each other; so we are no longer separate from the Earth, or from the creatures of the Earth; or from the Beings of the cosmos.

There is only one Being and we are all parts of its Consciousness and Body. We need to learn to look at each other in this way, at all others. All human beings are part of us; all the creatures of the Earth are part of us; and the Beings of the Cosmos that exist in other dimensions are also part of us. This is a beautiful, vast, complex, mysterious universe that we live in, complex, and mysterious, and vast, and we have the opportunity of leaving that confined and smaller awareness that we live in and walking in that mystery and that vastness as we go through our life.


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