Our View of Money: Trust, Scarcity, Generosity

GurujiMa  | 

When you have a belief that the universe is going to support you in an overall way, that the universe is benevolent, then, you don’t need to hold onto the belieff: “I need to take care of myself.”

There is a picture of reality that we’ve grown up with and that is part of our culture, that we have to take care of ourselves, and we have to provide for the future. This is the conventional way of looking at things and it’s based on our collective history. But there’s another way of looking at things. It is based on a view of the universe in terms of reciprocity. The more you give yourself in trust to the universe, by whatever name you call it, the more the universe gives itself to you. The more you surrender and allow yourself to be led, the more there is a reciprocal response from the universe.


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