The New Unified Physics, Part I: A Universe of Energy

GurujiMa  | 

How does energy create matter? Those who are looking at this postulate an organizing principle – that all of physical reality is not happening randomly, that there is an intensity of coalescence or coherence of energy that comes together and begins to spin, creating a vortex, and the vortex that’s created is the way that matter is ‘pushed’ into existence.

There is nothing empty in the universe. Energy is continually producing matter. Creation is ongoing. The Mind of God is still operating in time and space and beyond time and space. This is the wonder of it – that the evolution of theoretical physics toward an understanding of how energy creates matter is moving it in the direction of articulating ‘God is creating.’ Or, within the Hindu perspective, ‘Brahman is creating.’ ‘Shiva is creating.’ These things are very real for those who can put together the spiritual and the physical underpinnings. The ‘dance of Creation’ is going on continually, and that’s what this New Physics is about. It’s about the unmanifest Brahman coming into physical existence.

Note: This talk is part of a three-part series, the rest of which can be found in the “Related Teachings” sidebar.


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